To Order Books and Notecards

Greg never had an online ordering system. We may set something up; meanwhile, contact us by phone or email. Greg’s books and notecards were printed with the highest attention to quality, and now that he can no longer oversee their production, once we run out of existing inventory we probably will not print any more.

To order, send email saying what you want to order, and we’ll write back to let you know whether it’s still available and to arrange payment details. Prices given here do not include shipping and sales tax (if any).

Some of the remaining inventory is signed by the author.

If you send email or U.S. mail, please remember to include:

  • Your name and mailing address.
  • A phone number, in case of questions about your order (it will not be used for any other purpose).
  • What you want and how many.

See below for contact information.